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“The Enchanted Barn has long been known for the balanced pairing of rustic and elegance. Dayne and Aristotle have ignited the raw senses of romance in all of us with a classic, timeless style. Thanks to this amazing couple, epic photography, and to Wisconsin Bride magazine for yet another incredible Real Weddings feature.”

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“Sometimes, a big wedding just isn’t in the cards—but that doesn’t mean you and your honey need to run off to Vegas. Couples now have a gorgeous romantic getaway option in Hillsdale, Wisconsin. A premier venue for Wisconsin weddings, the Enchanted Barn’s new Elope With Us package extends the barn’s availability beyond the 52 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays each year.”

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“Wisconsin, you’re doing it right. I don’t know what’s in the water up there, but every wedding I see from American’s Dairyland is as pretty as pretty can be. Take this particularly happy one from La De Da Photography (click). Ridiculously beautiful decor, which just so happened to be pretty much all DIY, donuts and macarons for dessert, horses and a stunning barn…”

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“You are going to love this barn wedding from one of our favorite wedding vendors in the Midwest, Emily Steffen Photography (click). Matt and Claire wanted a day that was simple, charming and a little rustic. They chose The Enchanted Barn, an ideal choice for a simply lovely Wisconsin barn wedding.”

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Nikki & Robbie
“Rustic, romantic Glam! 🙂 Nikki and Robbie planned a soft and charming wedding at the Enchanted Barn this July! 🙂 From hay bails to soft flowers, cowboy boots, gold glitter, horseshoes and antlers on the tables, this wedding was AMAZING! 🙂 The Enchanted Barn was a PERFECT setting…”
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Paige & Cory
“It was almost 4 years ago now that I first stepped out of my car at The Enchanted Barn in Hillsdale, WI That was 7 weddings ago already. The Barn as I call it kind of feels like home to me now. I know the fabulous staff and I know the lighting inside and outside the barn, I know the process between ceremony, dinner and the dance, I know the timelines and the atmosphere.  Most of all I know what amazing moments take place there every time I am lucky enough to shoot there…”
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